Monday, February 16, 2009

Estate Sale Treasures

Since Quinn's travel disasters caused us to cancel our weekend plans I found myself in the happy situation of having a Saturday off with nothing pressing to do. I love to go to estate sales but since I generally work every Saturday I end up missing all the best ones. This Saturday I finally caught a good one and came away with some treasures. First off was this lovely little bark cloth quilt. The fabric is just gorgeous. I also found some sweet embroidered hand towels, a lovely springy yellow (spring swap?) set of napkins, an
old tin first aid kit, some owl playing cards and
owl mugs and the dearest little bisque dollie with
no arms and a broken foot. The woman who was collecting the money felt so bad about the asking price for a doll in that condition that she cut it in half! Little did she know I would've paid double what she was asking! Isn't it a coincidence that she looks so much like the embroidered child on the towel behind her? Ah...such fun for so what will my little dollie become?


Miki said...

Linda - I love the embroidered towels. So sweet! As for your little arm-less dolly - maybe she never had arms, but wings instead and is just going through a molting? Do you think she'll sprout some new ones? Have fun with all of your bew goodies!

Miki said...

PS -- I typed "new goodies" but somehow a stray "b" buzzed in there!

Linda said...

oooooo,ahhhhhh! De-lightful finds! awesome owls! and give the dollie a hug from me!

Catherine said...

Look at that sweet dolly and the matching embroidery! Does it get any cuter? Wow - you really 'scored' at the estate sale. Love the vintage first aid kit - Hmmmmm - I wonder what attracted you to that? :)

Lyneen said...