Monday, June 9, 2008

TMTA - Round

The challenge this week on TMTA is to use something round in your ATC. I love this silly photo of these two children dressed as clowns. The small one has such a sad look on her face! I imagine their parents took them to a studio and had them dressed in these elaborate costumes...what do you suppose she's thinking? This lovely background was created by Stars*Go*Blue who has generously shared her talents here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Father's Day Countdown

Lisa Vollrath is starting a new countdown today. She's generously sharing her images go take a look! Be sure to look around at all the other wonderful things she has to see and do on her sites.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 6 x6 Inchie Swap

Here are my inchies for the aMUSEme June swap. I found these wonderful new inchie stamps at Carved Stamps and thought I'd use them for the swap this month. They have 36 inchie designs...I love the clean, simple look of them. I've stamped and embossed them on an alcohol ink background. These will be heading out to Ruth...hope she likes them!

Top Row: Support, Wisdom, Reflection
Bottom row: Pathways, Diversity, Love

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thrift store finds

There's a new thrift store in town and I've found it! I have to show you some of my recent finds....

Here's the first picture...some great old books, a lovely old stationery set, lots of old gold paper trim...with the 19 cent price tag still on it! a bundle of beautiful old lace trim, 4 polka dot cordial glass (holding the 2 plastic girls with eyes that open and close!) a final notice stamp and an old paperback "Calling Nurse Linda" which is very special indeed because if you flip it over it has a second novel starting from behind!

Here is a wonderful framed woven tapestry of a raven, a kitschy wooden owl wall hanging, two old Avon perfume owls (still had that old lady smelly rub on perfume in them) a gnome family and some music books.

And the last thing is this fun old owl clock which the salesperson assured me would work once I put a battery in it (it doesn't) which has already found a home on my craft room wall. I'll get a new clock movement for it some time but for now I just love seeing it hanging on my makes me smile every time I look at it!

Well, there you have it...won't you go thrifting with me?

Monday, June 2, 2008

TMTA - Towers

The theme this week on TMTA is towers. Of course, living near Seattle, I had to choose the Space Needle! The Space Needle is an amazing was built for the 1962 World Fair. I love this old vintage has such a futuristic yet retro look to it. The Space Needle is still here of course as is the monorail pictured beneath it. I'm still waiting for my personal hovercraft though!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gothic Arches - Spain

Spain is the theme this week on the Gothic Arches challenge site. I've always dreamed of going to Spain. I had a wonderful Spanish teacher in high school...Tio Fred. During the three years I spent in his classes I came to love the language and the country. I still hope to get there some day...

Skinny Saturday

I couldn't resist the challenge this week on Skinny Saturday...I love birds! Birdsong...what a different world it would be without the sounds of the birds. I love watching the birds at our backyard feeders and listening to them first thing in the morning...