Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Spring Sweetness

Dear Linda at A Swap for All Seasons has done it again! The Vintage Spring Sweetness swap was so much fun. For this round of swapping I was partnered with Mimi. Be sure to spend some time looking at her blog and her Etsy shop Dandelion Wishes. She has such a great style and puts so much love into her creations. I purchased one of her soldered charms and they're just beautiful! Take a look at the lovely package she put together for me. Thank you Mimi...I just love it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Be sure to pinch a leprechaun before he pinches you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Buttons and Beeswax

Our lunch ladies group met last week for another great afternoon of shared fun, food and art. Cathy and Jo had the table all set for lunch including a gorgeous beeswax collage for each of us. Cathy and Jo are simply THE best and most gracious hostesses! After lunch we set to work on two different projects. Jo manned the beeswax station and Cathy taught us how to use her new fabulous button maker. I loved working with the
beeswax...it gave such a wonderful finish to each piece. I tried it on two atcs I had previously made and a new hanging collage piece I'm taking to my sister later this month. Jo showed us how to change the finish of the beeswax using either a heat gun or a small quilting iron. I loved it and I know I want to try it again. I'm on the prowl for an old crockpot for heating the beeswax. I can just see poor Q rolling his eyes and saying "another kitchen appliance taken for the sake of art." I promise...I won't use ours! Cathy's button maker was a big hit and I think we all had a great time using it. No, wait...I think Lyneen was so taken by the beeswax that she never made it over to the button maker! But, the rest of us had a great time. We made pin backs and flat backs. Once I got home I realized the flat back buttons worked perfectly with some pendant bales I had so I just had to make myself a new necklace. It was another fun afternoon spent with this special group. I'm just sad that I forgot to bring my camera this time so I have no photos of the actual festivities. But rest assured...Dagger did indeed come down for a dance with Grace!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Red Lead Charm Swap

We've had another charm swap on the RedLead Group. I love these three for three swaps...they're so much fun. This month I received charms from Allison, Susie and Lori. I love Allison's black, white and red charm...that's one of my favorite color combinations. Susie's charm is a wooden disc with spring flowers and a small crystal. I've been lucky enough to receive charms from Susie before and I love her style. Lori's charm is so striking with all the silver and gold. And it's such a coincidence...Lori made her charm using vinyl tubing and I just found some the other day when I was at the Creation Station. I had planned to try it out for the next swap! Thanks ladies...can't wait for the next one! And speaking of the next one...if you like to swap charms join us for the April swap due the last day of the month. In honor of Earth Day we're making "green" charms. Use something used or recycled in your charm...take a look here and join us!

Did you SPRING forward??

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Take a Bow

My mom and I both love old Shirley Temple movies...who doesn't right? So I made this card for a movie themed swap with her in mind and I'm sending one off to her today! Love you mumma!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Countdown

I know it's hard to believe it's March already...February came and went before I knew it! It's time for another countdown at Ten Two Studios. Click here starting today to see the new images Lisa Vollrath has in store for us. Thanks Lisa!

Salvage Studio Charm Swap

Saturday was the 4th charm swap held at the Salvage Studio in Edmonds. This is such a fun group and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. Since the studio will be closing at the end of the month this was the last swap to be held there. The next one in August will be held at Beth's house where I know some great new traditions will be started! Take a look at all the great charms....

The Group