Monday, May 23, 2011

The Language of Flowers ATC swap

Be sure to stop by Red Lead, say hello to Chris and Sharon and see all their new stamps and collage sheets, jewelry findings, art supplies and enough inspiration to keep you busy for days! And if you're looking for a fun group to swap with consider the Red Lead Yahoo Group...there's always a great swap going on. It's not too late to make a chotski know you want to!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Stuff Your Stuff Swap

The Paper Traders group hosted a fun swap recently called My Stuff Your Stuff Swap. The idea was to trade an envelope of "stuff" with your partner then make and return an ATC created with what you received. I loved this idea because it's always so interesting to see what someone else likes to use in their art. I was partnered with Cathy of A Surcee Life who is one of the moderators at Paper Traders and a sweet, talented artist. Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello and take a look around. Cathy sent me an envelop brimming with stuff....lovely images and papers, alphabets and much fun...just take a look! This is the card I made from just a small portion of what Cathy sent me.

Cathy was so generous and made me TWO cards in return. Aren't they wonderful...I just love them! Thank you Cathy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mail Art has arrived!

While I was away from the computer I received a beautiful mail art envelope from Joanna. Joanna lives in England and her envelope looks like an English garden to me. It's just beautiful! This was the last envelope from our first round of mail art with the "where I live" theme. Joanna filled her envelope with travel brochures, postcards and a note telling us a little more about her. It's been so much fun to learn a little about where each member of the group lives. Today, I received Sue's envelope which is the first one in our second round. The theme for this round is "birds, bees and butterflies" and Sue has covered her envelope with lovely images of each of these. Inside, was a gorgeous gift...a beautiful nature journal filled with more images and all done up in lace and ribbons. Thank you's a treasure!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


No, not the round, hard candies with the hole in the middle. For the past two weeks my life savers have been these dee-lish, pale yellow frozen delights. Banana popsicles! Breakfast lunch and dinner...straight out of the box or blended six at a time into a cold, throat numbing slushy that's better than a dose of Percocet! Not only did they cool my throat but they kept me amused....on each popsicle stick there's printed one of those corny 3rd grade jokes I love. As you can see from the photo I've enjoyed quite a few of them! I'm practically good as new now and having a fine time putting back on the 10 pounds I lost. Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes. I have lots to catch up on and lots to share with you but before I do that...I think there's a couple more popsicles in the right back!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One way to get some time off from work!

Well, they've been pesky for years...the culprits behind numerous sore throats, painful bouts of strept throat and lately a cyst the size of a lima bean. My doctor tells me they really should come out so it looks like Monday morning at 10:30 I'll be saying "good-bye tonsils!" I've had my pre-op instructions (from Nurse Jackie of all people!) and my refrigerator is full of banana popsicles. I think I'm ready...wish me luck!