Monday, February 16, 2009

Art Party

Our "lunch ladies" group had another art party earlier this month. We had such a good time! I love this bunch...they're so talented and funny...the time we spend together just flies by! Once again, Jo and Cathy shared their lovely home with us offering the perfect setting to inspire us. We feasted first then got down to business working with polymer clay. Jo had the pasta makers and the ovens going constantly as we created molds and worked with pigment powders each creating a stash of things to use in future projects. As usual, Lyneen was a little dynamo churning out an amazing number of pieces. That girl can work! I can't wait to see what everyone creates with their pieces. All in all it was another great afternoon filled with good food, good friends and lots of fun. As you can see, Grace got in another dog dance with Dagger! I can't wait for the next one...beeswax and buttons!


Catherine said...

What a fun day that was! And, I'm so tickled that you even captured Grace and Daggar, too! We are so fortunate, aren't we... to have the opportunity combine friendship and art projects (and food!)... life is Good!

Lyneen said...

What great shots... thanks for sharing the day in photos!