Saturday, February 1, 2014

Februrary Swap from Bev

I love the format of the monthly swap at A Swap for All Seasons.  Linda has designed it so each swapper sends to one person but receives from a different one.  I think this keeps it interesting and fun...I love mixing it up. This month I received my swap from Bev of Country Frog Creations.  After checking in with each other at the beginning of the month I realized I'd actually received some lovely things from Bev a few years back when we were both swapping regularly with the Red Lead group. This is one of the best parts of getting back into paper crafting...all the wonderful people I've "met" through the years who love to do this too!  Take a look at the fun package Bev sent to me. She wrapped it in old dress pattern paper. I love to do that too!

I love the card and tag she made for me and look at all the swell red stash things she treated me to.  I know I'll have fun using the buttons, cards and game pieces.  The vintage Valentine is hilarious. You can move the girl's head and the boys eyes. Depending on the mood he can be looking at her, looking shyly away or looking scared to death! So funny!

Of course I had to play with him every which over and over. Thanks Bev for a great swap!

February Swap

Well, can you believe how quickly January flew by? Here I am once again showing off my card and tag for the monthly swap at a Swap for All Seasons. The theme this month was Valentine's Day and the color was red. Although there are no hearts or Valentine sentiments on my card or tag I think they're still Valentine-ish. I just fell in love with some of the collage sheets at Red Lead and had to use them. I hope my swap partner likes them.

And here is my De-stash. I apologize for the poor lighting in these photos. It's been pretty gloomy here in the Pacific Northwest and good light is hard to come by!

Today is the first day to sign up for the next swap  so if you'd like to join us head over to A Swap for All Seasons and take a look!

                                                        The Current Swap


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

In addition to being the first day of a new year,  today is my birthday.  That's always made this day doubly wonderful for me. I love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. I haven't made any big resolutions this year but I am feeling open to change and excited to see what 2014 has in store.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January Swap

The theme this month at A Swap for All Seasons was "Thinking of  You" and the color was blue. I knew right away that I wanted to use these pretty old greeting card images. I love these blue birds and they show up so often on these old cards.  I can't pass up old greeting cards when I see them in my favorite thrift stores...the colors and images just grab me. I hope Jan likes them too!

And here are my de-stash items...a few vintage blue goodies along with a yo-yo brooch. 

Sign-ups begin tomorrow for the February swap so if you'd like to play along stop by A Swap for All Seasons and see what the fun's all about!

Now, look at the lovely things I received from Lorraine. Her card and tag are so pretty and look at the fun de-stash treats she sent. De-lightful!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Swap

For the December Swap at A Swap for All Seasons the theme was Happy Holidays and the color was green. For this round I got to treat Marie from Spun By Me. Be sure to stop over at Marie's blog and take a look at all the lovely things she's been crafting for the holidays!  I've always loved the artwork of Ellen Clapsaddle so I chose two of her images for my card and tag. I'm sure you might recognize her images as she was one of the most successful female illustrators of her day and her art was featured on greeting cards and postcards in the early 1900s.  Sadly, she had a very tragic end but her art lived on to be enjoyed worldwide to this day. I still find her postcards in antiques stores and thrift shops now and then. Here is my card and tag. I forgot to take a picture of the stash items I sent but I hope Marie enjoys them. Another love of mine is mail art so I couldn't help spiffing up the package!

Now, the next best thing to giving is receiving so I have to share with you what I received from my partner Joy. Here is her lovely card and tag.  The photo just doesn't do them justice though because there is such a pretty sparkle and shimmer on them that the camera (or my poor photographic skills) can't capture. I love them! And I'm going to have so much fun with the green stash items she sent me...they're perfect for some last minute Christmas craft projects I have planned. Thank you Joy!

If you'd like to join us Linda is accepting sign-ups for the next swap.  Just take a look at A Swap for all Seasons to see what the color and theme with be for January!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoy the day and if you just happen to find a huge pile of leaves...take a jump for me!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Swap for All Seasons

 The November swap theme at A Swap for All Seasons was Birthday and the color was Brown. Along with one card and one tag we were to send one brown de-stash item to our swap partners. I've always loved Holly Hobbie so I chose these "Holly inspired" images to use for my card and tag. There's something simple and whimsical about these images that always make me smile. Inspired by the colorful pinafores often worn by the Holly Hobbie girls, my de-stash item is one of my yo-yo brooches made from vintage calico.  Sign-ups for the December swap begin today...if you'd like to join in the fun go take a look!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Swap for All Sesaons

My old swapping buddy Linda Smith recently resurrected one of my favorite swaps of all times...her wonderful A Swap for All Seasons. This time around she's holding a monthly swap featuring three things...a handmade tag, a handmade card and one de-stash item. With a different theme for each month it's bound to be a year of great swapping! During the month Linda shares ideas related to each theme, examples of cards and tags and even holds a giveaway.  Lucky me...I was the winner of the giveaway this month! 

 November's Brown Giveaway

It's too late to join in the November swap but sign ups for the December swap begin on November 1st so be sure to stop by and take a look.