Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Where'd you go?

I was sitting at my desk yesterday looking at a Real Simple magazine when I turned the page to find a brochure for Nest smoke detectors attached to the page. As I usually do when I come up on one of those annoying attachments in a magazine I tore it out and dropped it in my waste basket. But then it looked at me and I took it out of the trash and looked at it again. It was a handy size...about 5 inches square and there was  only a single image on each white page. At first I thought I might cut out some of the images (see that cute red suitcase?) to use in my journals. Then, I thought I would just turn the whole brochure into a know, because I always need ANOTHER journal! I painted the cover and added a few images. I happened to have an envelope full of old paper ephemera (thank you Lyneen) in my desk drawer. I pulled it out and started covering the pages of the brochure. Before I knew it...a journal was born! Now, all my pages are started and just waiting for more collage and journaling. I love serendipitous projects like this! And since everything I used was something I already had sitting in my desk drawers and the magazine was given to me I didn't have to spend a penny. Love it!