Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Friendly Visitor

You know how I love shopping in thrift of my recent finds was this old book. It's an 1885 bound volume of a monthly religious magazine. It was absolutely falling apart but I loved the cover and the pages and illustrations are wonderful. I plan to make a journal out of the cover and I know the pages will find their way into a collage one day. Here are a few pages from the book...feel free to use them too. What treasures have you found lately?


Lululiz said...

The illustrations really are lovely, doesn't matter that the book is falling apart, you are so right. You'll be given it a totally new and exciting life.

Catherine said...

You find the best treasures!! This cover is gorgeous, and even in your signature color! The pages are beautiful also - oh, don't you wish books like this were still being made? How wonderful that this will have an extended life!