Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tag Along with Betsy McCall

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing is (among many other things) a tag maker. Each month she creates a new tag for herself using vintage images. She encourages anyone who likes to "tag along" with her. Earlier this month she made a special tag using vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls. Remember those? Lambie and I used to LOVE to play with paper dolls, Betsy among them. We even made our own sets...she still has the dolls that looked like Mumma and our big sister Jan. We spent hours making new outfits for them! Anyway...back to Betsy. There's a wonderful site where you can find all of the Betsy McCall paper dolls. Elizabeth suggested making tags out of the dolls for our birthday month and year. How fun! Here's my tag. Since my birthday's in January I thought this was a perfect way to start out the new year...with a fresh new start! On the page for my birthday month Betsy even has a doll so on the back of my tag there's a picture of me playing with my new kitchen set up in the cozy nook in our living room. The sentiment "let's play dolls!" is exactly what lambie and I would say to each other. If you'd like to take a look at all the Betsy McCall dolls they're behind the Bleu Door. Be sure to stop by to see Elizabeth's tag too...she has such a way with these. Thank you Elizabeth for this wonderful've given me hours of pure pleasure!


junkrescuerbeth said...

Oh my - Betsy McCall did rock the house back in the day. Your paper doll tag is charming. Happy birthday wishes to you as well!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Catherine said...

Such a cute tag! Betsy McCall still "rocks!" The picture of you playing with your kitchen set is SO adorable! Many happy hours and memories... and what a lovely way to document them!

Paula Clare said...

Linda! So adorable! I'm working on my Betsy McCall tag too...isn't it odd how the fashion of the year seems to so fit our personal 'style'? "E" is a creative genius!