Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Lunch Ladies' Christmas

I'm not sure why but I've been out of the mood to blog lately. Do you ever get that way? I think there's been so much going on with the holidays that I've just been enjoying things instead of writing about them. One Christmas event that I wanted to share though was the second annual Lunch Ladies' Christmas party. Jo and Cathy graciously opened their home once again to host us. We had a lovely lunch followed by presents and crafting. Lyneen taught us how to make her famous waterfall card...thank you again Lyneen. Here are a few photos from our afternoon together. I have to apologize though...we were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures after the first few! Oh well. Here's a photo of the beautiful gifts I received and one of the clothespin dollies I made everyone. This is such a wonderful group of friends. I always leave our parties inspired and energized!


Lyneen said...

Thanks for sharing... it was a great day!!!!

Catherine said...

It sure was a fun day! I just love my little clothespin doll, too! So glad you took a picture of your new dolly in her pretty red dress... I still chuckle when thinking about how the dogs barked at her until you turned her back to them! Hopefully she enjoyed our party anyway! :) Thank you, Linda, for always making our times together extra-special!