Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ArtFest - Day 3

Friday started off with deer visiting us for breakfast. Fort Worden is a really lovely place...from the grounds to the beach. My class today was called "Stone Pages" taught by Bee Shay. This was a very ambitious class with the possibility of completing 3 copper and mica projects. None of us got to the third project which was to be completed out of the leftovers from the first two. The nice thing is that we can all finish that on our own. The first project was a copper and mica necklace. The second was a bound composite mica book made up of mica pages. It's really gorgeous. Bee is such a sweet person...she shared with us that the wool binding material she gave us actually came from a boiled wool jacket which had belonged to her mother, now passed away. It made the book feel that much more special to have that connection somehow. Bee shared some wonderful preserved butterfly wings and dried flowers with us along with images of birds and nests. This was a fun class...there was a lot of sharing of tools and supplies. That's one thing that I noticed in each class I took...everyone was SO generous about sharing their supplies. I only took one picture in this class...of Bee at the beginning. I had intended on taking more but we were so busy it just never happened!

Friday evening was Vendor Night. This is an artist's marketplace where some of the artists sell everything from tools and ephemera to gorgeous jewelry, canvases, art dolls and more! It's loud and crowded and a feast for the eyes...I bought a few small things but mostly just looked and enjoyed. The highlight for me was having Jo, Cathy, Miki and Grace come out and join me for Vendor's Night. It was so sweet of them to come...we had a great time looking at all the gorgeous things for sale...and it made me so happy to have my own art friends share this with me!


Lyneen said...

I can't wait to see these IRL... AMAZING...

Catherine said...

I agree with Lyneen - your creations from ArtFest are amazing! The mica books are beautiful, as are the bird nest collages. And, love, love LOVE your doll assemblage! What gorgeous creations. Very inspiring!