Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow People

I was so inspired by this article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and by Tami B. of Dapple Designs that I had to try making my own group of snow people! I thought they'd be the perfect small gift to give each of the women in my monthly lunch group. It was amazing how each one developed its own personality as I added different pieces to the bottles and how it became clear just which bottle would go to each person. I even made one for myself and the minute I stuck in that red hat pin I new that one had to be mine! This was such a fun project and the instructions in the article are very easy to I got to play with glitter...who doesn't love that?! Here are a few photos showing the bottles' transformation. Now, don't you want to go make some snow people of your own?


Lyneen said...

I LOVE MY SNOW PERSON!!!!! It was such a treat to be a recipient!!!

Pokey Bolton (editor of Cloth Paper Scissors) said...


I saw this post via google alert on our latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Can I post your finished images on our Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors blog, and link to your post? Plese email me at Thanks!