Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red Lead Charm Swap

I received my charms from the Red Lead charm swap and they're just great. There's a lovely microscope slide charm from Laura with wonderful images on both sides, a colorful domino charm from Kathy reminding me to Laugh and an adorable charm from Andra with an Owl (sorry for the glare) on one side and the Pussycat on the other...too cute! I forgot to post a photo earlier of the charms I sent this round so here they are. I used brass chick charms from Red Lead and pieces of an old ruler to make "art chicks rule" charms. As usual, Kitten included some fun goodies when she returned the charms. Just look at that bony hand! I thing I'm going to have to just drill a hole in it, hang it on a chain and wear it to work on Halloween!


Catherine said...

Hi Linda! Your Art Chicks Rule charms are Sooooo cute! How creative! The brass chicks are darling and love the rulers and the cards you attached them to. I see a lot of tutorials in your near future :)

Lisa Hilderbrand said...

I was lucky enough to receive one of these cute 'chicks'! Thanks, Linda!