Monday, September 1, 2008

Spreading the Love...

Linda, a blogging and swapping friend, surprised me by nominating my blog for this award. Thank you Linda! Linda's blogs, Grace Filled Moments and A Swap for All Seasons, are filled with constant delights and inspiration! Be sure to stop by and take a look. Now, I get to nominate others...up to seven... for the same award. Here are three blogs I'd like to nominate today:

Robin's blog: A Robin's Nest
Cora's blog: Paper Flowers
Cathy's blog: MudBay Musings

Robin has a great style. Cora is so generous with her vintage images and has a new stamp line coming out soon. Cathy is a wonderfully creative artist who has just started blogging. I'm sure you'll be inspired...take a look!


A Robin's Nest said...

Thanks so much for the award Linda! You are too sweet! Thanks Much!

Catherine said...

Wow Linda, Thanks for nominating me for the blog award - I'll try to live up to it! Thanks for your encouragement and for inspiring us all with your lovely artwork!