Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 As I was driving to Grace's house the other day I saw tons of these odd looking plants growing in a field by a golf course. I was so intrigued by them I had to stop and take some pictures. I have no idea what they are but I plan to go back and look at them again in another week or so. Are they flowers? Weeds? Will they be blooming by next time? Do you know what they are??


Lululiz said...

Triffids, lol, they have finally arrived and are taking over the world. Seriously though, I have never seen plants like these. They are utterly fascinating. I would love to grow some in our field. I hope somebody will come up with the right name for them.

Jenifer said...

I think these are called Horsetails. They are very interesting. Spring is here!

Halle said...

These are so weird looking! "Aliens...oh snap"--sorry kids movie reference. :)

I wonder what they look like now??