Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Storage Story

As you might imagine since I've been spending my free time lately cutting and pasting in my Vintage Gluebook my desk is a mess! It's awash in a sea of paper...from full sized sheets of images down to scraps I haven't thrown away because they might turn out to be that one little thing that would complete a page. It's a mess! Mary has given us an ingenious way to organize all the paper madness. She even claims she can clear off her desk in under one minute! And after today's lesson...I believe it! Here are some photos of my looks disorganized (it is really) but I seem to enjoy working this way. But, now I'm going to try Mary's organizing method...I'll keep you posted! If you want to learn some of Mary's tricks come join us at Your Vintage gluebook! I'm flying off to see my Mommy today...taking the red eye after work. She doesn't have a computer so I'll be out of touch for a few days. I'm taking my gluebook, my Uhu and trusty scissors with me. I think this will be the perfect take along craft! See you next week....

Doesn't he looked shocked at the mess?!

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