Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A happy New Year to all and happy birthday to me! It always surprises me when another birthday rolls around...I don't feel as if I'm getting older. I feel younger all the time actually especially now that I'm spending more time creatively. I can remember so well as a child spending afternoons making paper dolls, drawing or coloring. Lambie and I would have our coloring books spread on the floor and a pile of crayons between us and we would lay there on our stomachs coloring away and be happy for hours. Or we would make our own paper dolls and create outfits for every occasion. Lambie still has some of those very paper dolls! And isn't that really just what I'm having so much fun doing now? Every time I come to my desk and touch my papers, markers, stamps and paints I experience that same child-like joy I can remember so well. So, my wish for everyone for this new year of 2008 is that you embrace that joyful child inside of you. Be creative...in whatever way brings a smile to your heart and makes you feel ageless!

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