Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inchie Tree

Here's a picture of my inchie Christmas Tree. I've hung all the Christmas inchies from the PWA Christmas Inchie Swap as ornaments.


KardKrazy said...

This is a totally amazing idea! I love inchies as well and you have just given me a fantastic idea of how to use them! Your tree looks great.

joanne said...

fantastic idea! got me thinking about some interesting display ideas!
I run an inchie swap. please feel free to join in, see my blog if you fancy it

Kris Dickinson said...

Louise gave me this link to see your tree...it's FABULOUS!

Lyneen said...

OH MY GOSH THE INCHIE TREE IS SO CUTE!!! I love your blog... I am in Bremerton and work in Poulsbo... Rubber Soul is one of my Fav places to go at lunch!!! Maybe we will run into each other sometime!

I too got your link from Kardkrazy.