Sunday, July 22, 2007

Admit one

Yahoo!! I finished the last of the ATC dolls for the Arttechniques swap! It's another "doll parts" card. So, I have three variations of that design and three totally different designs. I think that'll be fine. The swap is 6 for 5. I send in 6 cards and will get 5 in return. The hostess has yet to decide what she will do with the extra card but for now she'll just keep it. Now I can get them in the mail tomorrow and then wait to see what I get in return. I had posted the first two doll parts cards on the Atcards site and got a few requests for trades so I may make a few more and try and trade them there. We'll see. For now I'm happy this swap is completed and I can send them off. I still seem to get attached to the cards I make and almost hate to send them off when I'm finished. When I've been in a swap where I have to make a certain number of the same design it's easy to keep one for myself. But with these one of a kind designs I can't do that. I guess the newness will wear off soon and it won't be so hard to let them go...anyway, here's the last one!

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